Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam UK

Top 8 Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam UK 2021 Reviewed

Driving is an enjoyable and peaceful experience if you have the right equipment in place. With the best rear view mirror dash cam UK, you can record multiple road moments, claim damages as well as increase your safety on the roads.

Rear View Mirror Dash Cams and Reliable Satellite Navigation System UK makes the driving of vehicles a safer and securer experience. Dashcams record all the events that are happening around you. Rear View Dash Cams capture the minor as well as road moments that can help you in claiming insurance.

There are top-quality varied brands offering different mirror dash cam UK. After reviewing dozens of rear view mirror dash cam UK, we have compiled up the following list of the best-quality rear view mirror dash cam UK:

The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam UK: Top 8 Picks

1. NextBase 622GW Best-Quality Rear View Mirror Dash Cam UK

 Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam Full 4K 30fps, WIFI, GPS, best rear view mirror dash cam Bluetooth Built in Alexa, HD Video, In Car Dashboard Camera uk reviews

NextBase is the Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam UK that is loaded with an abundance of features. NextBase 622GW is the world’s top image, powerful, most accurate, and great rear view mirror dash cam.

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Key Features

  • Offers image stabilization
  • Records in 4k quality
  • Has enhanced and improved night vision
  • Has to click and go-mount feature
  • Features weather mode

NextBase is the top European brand that offers great quality images for all customers. It offers mirror dash cams that suit the requirements of all types of customers.


  • It can play the view in super-slow motion
  • The camera can configure your exact location
  • The camera is equipped with built-in Alexa
  • Offers Auto-sync features
  • Has user-friendly interface


  • Users have complained that the parking cam takes a lot of time to start

This is the best mirror dash cam for cars. With NextBase Rear view Dash Cam, you can send files to your android devices seamlessly using auto-sync features. It becomes easier for you to forward files from the camera to the computer or phone.

2. PORMIDO Mirror Dash Came UK

 PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear View Reverse Car Camera,12 Inch Dual Dashcam with Detached Front Camera 360 degree uk reviews

PORMIDO is an Excellent-Quality Rear View Mirror Dash Cam that offers a large 12-inch screen. It has dual cameras that are rear-facing and front-facing. Both of the cameras offer great image quality.

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Key Features

  • Camera Lens has excellent quality
  • The front lens has a 360 degree
  • Gives good exposure using the anti-glare technology
  • Offers a switchable view of the reversed image
  • Offers excellent-quality features

It can record the number of plates efficiently with its switchable mirror view feature. This mirror dashcam also records in a loop without missing a second. If storage gets full, it overwrites old files and creates new files automatically.


  • Plays front and back recording in split-screen
  • It improves driving with great-quality image
  • Offers 24 hours parking monitoring and protection of your car
  • Upon detection of a jolt or collision, it operates the camera
  • It is offered along with the Micro SD Card


  • This is quite an expensive product

PORMIDO is the best dash cam mirror for a safe journey and to shoot the sunset or sunrise videos as you drive. It captures the finest moments in the finest video print quality. This is one of the best rear view mirror dash cams UK.

3. Auto-Vox Mirror Dash Cam 1080P Night Vision Camera

 AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Mirror Dash cam 1080P Rear View Mirror Camera with Night Vision Reversing Camera, Parking Mode, GPS Tracking, Hardwire Kit uk reviews

With a top brand of car, only a Top Brand Of Mirror Dashcam goes well. Auto-Vox offers premium-quality features to the elite customers who need the best solution for added safety and protection of their car.

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Key Features

  • Offers screen with full lamination
  • Equipped with streaming media technology
  • Plays 4x field of rear vision
  • Capable of covering 5 lanes of the road
  • Records videos without any glare

This is the best rear view mirror dash cam that is offered along with the good quality mirror mounting bracket. So, it records high-quality video in the loop during jolts or accidents.


  • It adds to the safety of driving as well as cars
  • It identifies the license plates, numbers, or other details
  • It turns on automatically when you turn on the car engine
  • The locking feature of the camera works smartly
  • It is suitable for the right-hand-drive car in the UK
  • Comes along with the hardware kit


  • Packages do not include the SD card

The greatest features of the best mirror dash cams for Right-hand-drive cars are that it records videos without any glare, thickness, dustier screen, or hollow sound. This is indeed the best rear view mirror dash cam UK.

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4. WolfBox 12” Screen, FHD Camera, 1080P Vide Quality

WOLFBOX 12 Mirror Dash Cam, Dual FHD 1080P Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera with Touch Screen, Waterproof Rear Camera, Super Night Vision Sony IMX335 Card uk reviews

WolfBox 12” is a Splendid Mirror Mounted Dash Cam that has a dual Full HD 1080P camera. It is packed with useful features that increase your driving experience and safety.

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Key Features

  • Features unique and smart driving assistance system
  • Has Blind Spot Vehicle Discern System
  • Has emergency lock, loop recording, and GPS Features
  • Records videos in wide angles for proper video coverage
  • Features HRD and WDR video quality

WolfBox Dash Cam has the software that has an intelligent driving assistance system as well as the Blind Spot Vehicle Discern System. So, the mirror dashcam is equipped with software to avoid accidents.


  • Specially designed for the UK roads
  • Equipped with super-quality night vision and WDR technology
  • Gets easily installed in a few minutes
  • It aids the driver in parking the car efficiently.
  • It has G-Sensor and Parking Monitor.
  • Has waterproof rear camera


  • The screen is quite heavier

Rated as the best rear view mirror dash cam for low-light conditions, the camera produces a sharp image, which can be used as evidence in the court of law for claiming damages. It surely records every moment with the purest quality for sharing it on YouTube. You can record multiple videos of the road and nature.

5. Sony IMX Mirror Dash Cam

 Mirror Dash Cam with Sony IMX Sensor Night Vision, Dash Cameras Front and Rear, Laminated and Anti-glare Touch Display, 1080P Dual Dash Cam, RHD Design for UK uk reviews

Sony IMX is the unique and Most Durable Car Mirror Camera UK from other dash cams. This is an R2 Stream Media cam that provides a front and rear view of the scenes around you in real-time. It records videos in clear 1080P.

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Key Features

  • Records every detail of the car
  • Aids your driving experience and safety
  • Suppresses blinding lights, and brings out the best image
  • Features improved night vision

Sony IMX Dash Cam turns on and off automatically. It protects a person against the fault of another person and helps you in claiming insurance for the repair of your car.


  • G-Sensor records the events within 30 seconds of the collision
  • The capacitor of the camera is explosion-proof
  • Offers adjustable parking of the car
  • The back camera is waterproof


  • Users have complained that the GPS does not function well

This car rear view mirror with dual camera dash cam has been specifically designed for UK drivers. The front camera is right-sided, which is perfect for the right-side UK driver. This is the best rear view mirror dash cam UK.

6. DYMCO Car Dash Cam Collision Detection

Mirror Dash Cam for Cars Front and Rear MYCO 2.5K Dual Lens Car Camera best Rear View Mirror Cam, Super Night Vision, Sony Sensor, Parking Assistance uk reviews

DYMCO Store offers great-quality videos along with other useful features. This Dash Cam Rear View Mirror Mount is equipped with the higher model of the GPS System, which acts as a driver assistance system.

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Key Features

  • Equipped with updated GPS Module
  • Has a reversing aid system
  • Has excellent parking monitor
  • Features innovative night system
  • Records in 2.5K Resolution

DYMO is a well-known manufacturer of rear dash cam mirror cameras. The rear view camera mirror is offered along with the useful hardware kit, external GPS module, car charger, and many other important tools.


  • Captures video clearly at day and night time
  • Records videos in 2506P quality
  • G Sensor offers aided security
  • Has good-quality adjustable reversing system


  • It offers average-quality features to the consumers

This is a decent-quality dash cam mirror for vloggers or cameraman. It records outside scenes in 2.5k quality, which would be great for YouTube channel or other video channels of the user. All in all, this is the best rear view mirror dash cams UK.

7. Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Android 4G Live 1080P

Mirror dash cam dual dash cam Android 4G Live Video Streaming HD 1080P Front Facing, Internal Night vision Camera Views dash camera mirror car dvr ADAS wifi camera uk reviews

This is the Best Android Rear View Mirror UK that has 12 in 1 functions that make your driving experience safer. It gets set up with 99.9% of cars easily.

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Key Features

  • Records videos in the HD
  • Offers 4G internet connectivity
  • Supports 4G Call
  • Supports Bluetooth phone calls
  • Has FM Transmitter

This is an excellent-quality dual rear view camera mirror that has a large screen along with the ADAS system. So, you can drive your sports car at high speed.


  • Supports a variety of video formats
  • Multilanguage supported camera
  • Has iOS and Android Mobile Phone App
  • The driver can also take photos with this dash cam


  • It is not offered along with a Micro SD Card

This is a super mirror camera car for a clear mirror view that has internet surfing features. It alerts the user on the mobile phone if any collision or jolt is detected. So, this is the smartest dash cam rear view mirror mount UK.

8. IX Road Latest Mirror View Dash Cam

 IXROAD Mirror Dash Cam for Cars, 10 Inch Touch Screen Dashcam, 2K Front and 1080P Rear Camera, Wide Angle Driving Recorder with Night Vision uk reviews

IXRoad is the Reliable Best Mirror Dash Cam UK for cars, which provides a wide view angle to the driver. It is equipped with great features that make driving easier for you.

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Key Features

  • Features large 10 and high-sensitivity inch screen
  • Has 1080P rear camera and 2K Front Camera
  • Has ultra-clear image resolution
  • Equipped with starlight night vision technology

This is an affordable rear view mirror dash cam that provides a clear view during the day as well as night. It does not only offer a good-quality front view but also a great-quality rearview.


  • Reverse camera offer parking assistance
  • Reverse cam is waterproof
  • Offers instant emergency lock and loop recording
  • Offers easy installation


  • Users have found it hard to operate this mirror view dashcam

This low-on-budget mirror mounted dash cam comes with a built-in 800 mAh battery and car charger, which runs efficiently. Connect it with the car charger, and keep the camera turned on 24/7. It would record all the events seamlessly.

Bottom Line

A mirror mounted dash cam is a necessity in this high-speed technological world. Driving accidents have become common due to the negligence and inefficiency of car drivers. A mirror view dash cam offers a wide front and rear view.

With a few taps, users can check the front and rear views. It improves the driving experience as well as protects the driver from accidents. The above list contains premium-quality mirror dash cams that offer great-quality features. Our vote goes to the NextBase 622GW camera.

You can check out the entire best rear view mirror dash cam UK and pick any of these, which fits your requirements well.

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